Dubai is without any doubt one of the richest and the most beautiful places you will ever visit. It has some appealing buildings and sea view hotels. But the best part about my trip was something I have never tried- HELICOPTER RIDE. Before starting the ride, I was all nervous but at the end of the ride, I felt like one of those characters from the famous movie ZNMD. So let me tell you what all happens during the ride.

First, you need to go to Palm Jumeirah. You can take a tour of the hotel but unfortunately, they won’t allow you to go to the pool area unless and until you are staying at the hotel. SAD!! Anyway, you can always take pictures of the hotel. A time would be given to you when a car would come and pick you up from the hotel to take you to the main destination. You will see helicopters taking off and landing after every 10-15 minutes.

Once you reach the destination, you will be given safety instructions and a video demonstration which will guide you about the ride. Make sure you pay attention to them. After that, you would have to keep all your belongings in a locker and get yourself ready for the ride!!

Finally, the moment comes when you have to step inside the helicopter. Don’t forget to get yourself clicked by the photographer. They give you the picture once you have completed the ride. They also provide you with soundproof headphones because you will be at a height. The same is given to the pilot. The pilot during the trip would keep on updating you about what you are seeing, some history about the city, how and when the famous building was made etc. During the ride, you can see an AMAZING view of DUBAI.

Some of the best things you will witness are Palm Jumeirah, Burj-al-Arab, Island in the shape of 7 continents and Burj Khalifa.

Seeing Burj Khalifa from the top was in all a completely different experience. My favorite part was seeing the beautiful Burj-al-Arab. The pilot took us near an Island that has been made in the shape of the 7 continents of the world. It was still under construction at that time. Also, they took us near Palm Jebel Ali. He told us that it began construction in October 2002, and was originally planned to be completed by mid-2008 but was on hold since.

If you ever go to Dubai, DO NOT miss the Helicopter ride. It’s the best way to see the beautiful city. A big thumbs up to the ride from my side!!

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