Promise yourself that one day you will wake up in Bali

I’ve been to beaches all my life but there is something different and beautiful about Bali. My hotel, Citadines was opposite to Kuta beach.It is a 4-star hotel with a beautiful view of the beach. The location of the swimming pool was tremendous which was on the top floor. Also, you can see all the lightning from the top floor during the night. I’ll highly recommend booking this hotel if you ever go to Bali. It is at the center of Kuta beach and the service was just amazing.

 Bali will never disappoint you. Be it in terms of beaches, beauty or culture.

Bali has many beautiful beaches like Seminyak beach- casual and cool beach, Nusa dua- all inclusive type of tourist destination, Jimbaran beach- the quiet and peaceful beach. Kuta beach is one of the most famous beaches of Bali and number one party zone. For shopping, you can visit Beachwalk, Kuta. It is a huge complex with numerous shops, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities. Its unique design makes it a lot different from those typical malls. The price range here is on the luxury side. Lastyly, you can find all types of brands here.

Bali is a place full of adventure activities.Not only do I not know how to swim but I’m afraid of heights too.
However, I did parasailing and it was a terrific experience. Probably an experience one can never forget.I wasn’t afraid at all and I honestly I didn’t want it to end. Try it at least once in your lifetime. They have many activities like surfing, rafting, canyoning, scuba diving, snorkeling etc. You can go to Bali Jet Set Dive and Marine Sports.It is one of the most exclusive water sports centers. They will provide you with the best facilities and services with a safe and eco-friendly environment.

Uluwatu Temple is one of six key temples in Bali and is known for its magnificent location. It is one of the top places on the island to go to for sunset delights.The temple is inhabited by monkeys, who are known for snatching visitors’ belongings. Finally, the mesmerizing view of the beautiful Indian ocean and daily dance performances is what adds to the beauty of the temple.

 The people of Bali are very welcoming in nature but the temple being a holy place requires some rules that need to be followed. You won’t be allowed to enter the temple in shorts. As most of the people are in shorts they provide you with a sarong or scarf to cover your lower body.

Bali has many good food joints. The Balinese royal feast is available at the Warong Legong.It is one of the most famous restaurants of Kuta. The quality of the food was absolutely amazing and they even had a variety in vegetarian. It has a good atmosphere and wonderful service. Don’t miss out on the massage centers. It will take away all your tiredness.

Lastly, the video shows my whole trip to Bali. Do check it out!!
An exotic location: Bali

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