Happiness comes in waves 

Let’s get a weekend getaway!!

 Dreamland beach is the perfect place to put your feet up and relax. It is a safe little place to enjoy the perfect holiday in Bali.The water is the clearest you can find and aqua blue in colours. It will be a change for you if you have been spending all your days at the local beaches in Bali. The sand is softer and comfortable to relax. It is a beautiful island away from the main city. Being one of Bali’s most popular attractions this island paradise is the world away from the population.

 Surfing is a bit crowded but one can enjoy it. If you are a surfer, this beach is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It is one of the most famous surfer’s paradise in Bali. A ferry comes from Sanur to Lembongan island. Once you reach Lembongan island, you will have to take a taxi to the Dreamland beach. On your way to the beach, you will see an amazing view of the city. Now with the development of the hills, this area is fast becoming the main attraction and provides some of the best accommodation on the island. It has souvenir shops near the beach.

Dreamland beach comes under the hidden beaches of Bali. You can find the crowd at this beach during local holidays and mid year school breaks. Some sections of the beach are swimmable but as you go further the waves are strong and it becomes difficult to swim. If you ever pay a visit to this beach, make sure you see the mesmerising view of the sunset. Bali is known for its amazing sunset points. Dreamland beach is also suitable for family holidays where you can relax while enjoying the warm tropical atmosphere. On the sand, you can choose deck chairs for rent, or enjoy a cheap massage. Don’t forget to bargain for the massage.

Dreamland beach has two combined swimming pools with the view of the beach from a cliff. The view is definitely breathtaking. The beach is surrounded by some good family restaurants. The price though is a little expensive but is definitely worth going. You will be seeing people relaxing on the sand, reading books, enjoying the lovely waves. It will relax your mind and bring peace.The beach provides basic accommodation and cafes for surfers and day-trippers.

Dreamland beach has big and powerful waves that make it the most demanded surfing points in Bali. It is very easy to locate the public facilities at this surfing point like restaurant and accommodations. If you are mainly coming for surfing, make sure you bring all the essentials like surfing board, shoes, suit etc. The best session for surfing at Dreamland Beach is during the dry season. This beach is very attractive for tourist and especially surfers. This was my favorite place in Bali. If you ever go to Bali, you should definitely come here.


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