The Patanjali products are made from Ayurveda and natural components.Beautiful, radiant skin is something we all crave for. By putting some effort and consistently following these easy tips, you can have that beautiful shine on your skin:-

1. Patanjali Aloe vera gel – I started using Patanjali products 2-3 months back and I can feel this huge difference in my skin. It is very difficult to extract the gel from an aloe vera plant and it takes a lot of time and effort. Patanjali does the work here. Use the gel one time a day. Apply it before you sleep and wash off the next morning. This way the gel gets to be on the face for 7-8 hours. A huge difference in skin can be seen the next morning.

2. Patanjali Apricot face scrub – The Patanjali face scrub is probably the best one I’ve applied to my skin so far. I used to go to the parlour for my face cleansing but with the Patanjali face scrub, it is so much easier. The Patanjali products are easy to use and cheap in cost. You should only use the scrub once or twice a week. Excess usage can be bad for your skin. Apply the scrub on face and massage with soft hands for a few minutes. Rinse it off with water and moisturise your face.

3. Patanjali face pack –  Patanjali has a variety of face packs to choose from. Since I have an oily skin, I highly recommend anyone with an oily skin to use the Patanjali Multani Mitti face pack. Apply the pack on your face using a brush or your hands. Let it stay for 15 minutes or until it is completely dry and then wash off with cold water. You can use Patanjali Fairness pack for dry skin. Follow the same procedure to apply this pack too. Lastly, treat your skin with the face pack 2 to 3 times a week for best results.

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Patanjali has a variety of products.Be it for the dry or oily skin. Through this post, I’m showing you the products I’ve applied on my skin. Purchase from the nearest Patanjali outlet or order online.


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