BE THE IMPERFECT YOU! Do you know somebody who is perfect in their lives? Perfect in the way they dress, the way they talk to others, the way they live their lives with nothing but happiness. And do you ever wonder how can a person be so happy all the time? Isn’t there anything going in their lives that bother them?Well, the ugly truth is that we humans are a mixture of happiness and sorrow. Nobody can be perfect all the time. Nobody can be happy all the time. It’s absolutely perfect to be the imperfect you.

We, humans, worry about the little things in life. We sometimes don’t realize that the thing which has been bothering us for a long time now is actually nothing. Be the imperfect you because life is too short to cry and worry about little things. Life is what you make of it. If you’re happy from within, you’ll automatically feel no stress. According to the laws of nature, we get what we give. So if we emit positivity, we’ll get positivity.

We strive to be perfect in the world where people are judged by their looks but not by what they have inside, it’s very easy to get bogged down by what people say. Be the imperfect you and don’t be bothered by people’s judgment.  Every girl with a perfect 36-24-36 and every boy with those big ripe muscles which are almost on the verge of exploding from his body works hard at the gym, eats healthy, no cheat days, but ever wondered how much of life they are missing out on? Life is all about enjoying. In order to achieve the 36-24-36, she says no to so many delicious food items out there.

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