Ethnic wear

We live in the 21st Century which is the age of imagination and inspiration. Ethnic wear is no longer donned just on festivals and functions. It has now become an easy breezy outfit for everyday wear. Ethnic wear has brought a change in innovation. Who says traditional has to be worn in a conventional manner? Let your brain do the thinking.

 Here, I showcase exactly the same. I bought this Ethnic wear, classy and chic kurta from the hub of fashion- GK-1, M Block Market for INR1300.The market is famous for a variety of clothes, n number of designs, at a very reasonable rate with an amazing quality that doesn’t wear off too soon. And the double layering at the bottom with the pom poms hanging on the four sides gives it a complete Ethnic look. Ethnic wear gives this colour combination an extreme delight to the eye. A beautiful, not so conventional print with a layer of chocolate brown cloth beneath makes the kurti look gorgeous. Also, I have paired this kurti with a pair of faded blue jeans. Alternatively, you can also wear the kurti as a dress for a breezier look. Alternatively, You can wear this kurti with a pair of matching leggings.

The Ethnic wear shows our love for India and its culture. Accessories are a must to instantly glam up your look. They add up to the beauty and bring more life to the outfit. I did a little twinning with the kurti by wearing pom pom earrings. Ethnic wear is the new trend in town.These earrings are again, from GK-1, M block market. I bought these for INR300. But you can get your hands on them on kraftly. So, Don’t wait! There’s a sale going on!!!!

Keep experimenting different style of earrings.Heavy golden earrings to go with the brown of the kurti is a good idea so that it gives a traditional touch.

 Keep your imagination open!Lastly, take out the bohemian in you and put on a pair of boho earrings that complement the Ethnic wear.

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