It’s Summer Sale!!

Shopping is always one of the most fun things to do and the best thing about shopping is when you get to shop during a sale. As a result, it becomes that time of the year when all the shops and malls are way too crowded. That is when I decide to shop and rid my wallet off all the extra weight that the notes add. Summer Sale leads to several brands having several sale schemes to attract customers but Zara is probably the first brand everyone would rush to even if the other brands have much more inviting schemes.

  I purchased this beautiful top from Zara. The top is for INR790 and it was available at a discount of 75%. I accessorized this white top with black hoop earrings and a choker with a black-blue colour scheme. You can buy the earrings from any jewelry store. This choker is from Queenstown, New Zealand.The best thing about a plain top is that you can style it with a variety of accessories like I added some here.

Make sure to wear the right amount of accessories; do not add on too much. Just a simple pair of earrings and a bracelet will give a simple and nice look. An excess of everything is bad. The simpler you style the top, the better you look. You can wear this top at events like a casual lunch date or while hitting the beach.

Summer Sale is the discount festival. It’s 70% off everywhere so go grab outfits now.

Summer Sale awaits you. Lastly, the black heel footwear is from Hype. This pair of lovely footwear goes with almost all outfits. So, Go get yourself a Summer Sale treat.

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