Go Fusion this Diwali

If traditional ain’t your thing go fusion! There are occasions where both Indian and Western look is desired. Diwali, unlike some other Indian festivals, allows you to dress up and make a style statement. With all the preparation of the festival, it usually becomes difficult to look for a good outfit to wear.

So, here I’ll showcase what you can wear this Diwali

Diwali is the festival of light and colours. So, it is important to dress accordingly. Wear something that lights up the festival. Like here, My crop top gives a western look while the work done on it gives it a complete Indian look. The pants gave it an Indo-western style. This colour combination is my personal favourite.

A Diwali look is incomplete without accessories. They gave a final touch to my outfit.

Earrings– Gk, Select city walk from one of the stalls of Payal sood at INR200.

Pant – Global Desi for INR1400

Top– Global Desi for INR900

– Keeping the Diwali look simple but significant. You only get few occasions to dress in a fusion way. To take some Indian look and mix it with a glimpse of western attire. Here I’m wearing a dark blue crop top jacket which gives a different look as compared to other jackets. Crop jackets are really in these days. Dressing my crop jacket with a light blue skirt that gives a contrast to the crop top.

Styling the look with some accessories.

Earrings-Mall road, Mussoorie. INR-500. These wooden earrings would look good with any Indian attire.

Choker-Queenstown, New Zealand. INR1400. These chokers are really famous in the city of Queenstown. You can find these in almost all the shops in Queenstown.

Skirt – Global Desi for INR2000

Top– Global Desi for INR1300

Lastly, you can utilise these outfits by wearing them at a mehndi or sangeet function. Don’t just make it a Diwali wear and wear it in as many occasions as you can.

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Wedding season

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