Let’s make a resolution this year to ALWAYS look CLASSY.

2018- A new year, A new beginning, A new you, A new FASHIONISTA in you!!!

As we let go of the beautiful 2017, We are entering into 2018. Let’s make this year an year of Fashion. A year which will showcase all the new trends,  new styles and craze for the fashion. Fashion is something that comes from within. Take a scarf, style it in 10 different ways and you would be able to build your own platform of Fashion. Let’s curry up our style for 2018. Enter the new year with some new ways of styling things.

Ask yourself how you want to be dressed up? Don’t copy those old ways of wearing your outfit.

Recently Shraddha Kapoor styled her skirt in a different way. That is exactly how you style in your own unique way.

Here are some tips on how to curry up your style in 2018,

-Shirtdress- Isn’t it great when you get to have 2 different styles from 1 shirt? Earlier people use to wear the shirt with the jeans but these days people have started wearing shirtdress. Here, they make the shirt as a dress. These are mostly worn by people who like to wear loose clothes. Go grab the style before it becomes too common.

-Over knee platform boots- Boots are something that defines the winter for women. Gone are the days when you had to wear the normal boots. Over knee platform boots helps you style in a unique way. These can be worn with shorts as well, that’s the major advantage of them. You don’t always need jeans during winter. Get the over knee platform boots and wear those summer shorts with them. It’s time to curry up your style this 2018.

-Accessories for ear- If you are the kind of person who loves accessories then you must try different types of ear accessories. Most people wear hand accessories or earrings. But, do try these ear accessories that would make you look different from the crowd.

-Carry the scarf in 12 ways- Do you just buy a scarf and carry it in the simplest way? Or do you use it to style yourself in 8-9 different looks? A scarf can be worn in many ways. Each way gives you a different look. Do different types of looks with different colors of scarfs and you would be all set to rock the party!!!

-The new nail art- Go get yourself the new nail art that is trending. Make your nails look more pretty by doing something creative on them.

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