Jingle bells!!Jingle bells!!

Christmas is no doubt the happiest time of the season. As December comes to an end you start getting holiday vibes. The city is filled with decorations and lights. Everything is either in red or white. Here, I’m showcasing an ideal Christmas outfit covered with red, white and black.

Starting from the bottom, I’m wearing black boots with a glimpse of golden in it. If you are ever confused as to which boots should you buy, ALWAYS go for black. They will match with all your winter outfits. I’m wearing a black leather skirt which I bought from Zara for INR790.

I bought this skirt during may when a huge sale was going on. Covering the lower portion with a skin colored stockings. The main reason for wearing a skinned color stocking is to give a proper look at the skirt.

Coming above, I’m wearing a black high neck covered with a stylish grey t-shirt that I bought from Zara Bangkok. You can not just wear a t-shirt in this cold weather so to keep myself warm I’m wearing a black jacket.

To give it a Christmasy look, I’m wearing a maroon cap. It is important to wear something in red if you are getting ready for Xmas. Since my entire dress is in either black or grey, I decided to wear a maroon cap.

Finally coming to the final part of my outfit, The perfect Christmasy stole. Isn’t Xmas about red, white, black and grey? What if you get to wear all the color combinations in one stole? Well, that is the perfect Xmas look you are looking for. I bought this warm drape from Paarli Dhaara. They have an amazing collection in the winter wardrobe. Go get this stole now https://www.paarlidhara.in/collections/warm-drapes/products/classic-line

When it comes to doing shopping for winter outfits, Paarli Dhara never disappoints me. Do check out my previous blog showcasing their amazing dress-http://voguishtrend.com/fashion/winters-paarli-dhara/

This stole acted like a final touch to my dress. It is warm, comfortable and most importantly gorgeous enough to give a stylish and classy look. The stole can be worn by women of any age. That is one of the best parts of this stole. You can carry the outfit with or without a stole. But I recommend you carry it with a stole. It will not only protect you from the cold but give your outfit a better look.

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