Are you a blogger? Do you ever wish to start your own blog and never did? Is fashion made for you?

 Here are 10 tips on how to become a Fashion blogger

1.Have a knowledge of the fashion industry– It is really important to have a knowledge in the field of blogging you wish to pursue. If you have a good sense of the fashion industry, If you know what outfits would look best on different occasions, You can become a Fashion blogger. All you need to do is put that knowledge into words and showcase your style.

2.Keep yourself updated with the season sales– People always love when they can buy something at a discount. Always keep yourself updated with season sales. Suggest people what you bought at those sales and give them details.

3.Suggest people on what should be best to wear in the easiest way- Different occasions have different outfits. If you are able to tell people on what they should wear at a wedding, make sure you suggest them something they can buy very easily. Suggest them some nearby stores. The quality of an outfit matters a lot.

4.Let them know what they can buy at the cheapest of rates for day to day accessories- These days people wear accessories with casual tops. Suggest them the markets where they can buy earrings and other accessories at a cheap rate. Make sure you only guide them with quality products. Rates matter but what matters more is the better quality.

5.Wear something in 5-6 different styles- Take jeans and wear it with 5-6 different tops. Showcase your style in a unique way. Tell them different ways on how they can wear a scarf. Quality and Quantity are the keys of a good Fashion blogger.

6.Target the clothes worn by a famous fashion designer, actor and review them- People usually fantasize stars and designers. Make them familiar with what they are wearing by giving them details about the outfits. The most important thing for a Fashion blogger is its reviews. It is the medium through which you connect with people. Give them honest reviews on outfits.

7.Less content is more as long as you display accurate images of the outfit- For a Fashion blogger, it is important to display your outfit. Keep your content short and to the point. What matters in the content is the price of the specific outfit, the store you bought it from and your reviews about the outfit.

8.Show the dress from every corner for the audience to properly examine it- Your audience will only like your post if you are able to show them the outfit from every corner. If they wish to purchase the same, they must be able to go through the outfits properly like anybody would do if they were buying it from a store.

9.Always keep an eye on the competitors for better results- Competition is the key to success. Without competing, you can not win. Always keep an eye on your competitors in order to know what they are doing and how can you improve.

10.Just be you. Just be fashion and you- To become a Fashion blogger it is important to understand fashion. It is important to understand yourself. You need to be fully connected with fashion. People will only love you if you display your own style and not copy others. Be innovative, Be unique. Showcase your style. Showcase your fashion. Just be fashion and you.

It takes courage to do something you really love and not what everybody wants you to do. Do check my video telling what voguishtrend is all about.
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